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The Sanskrit word for seed is “Bija”, which translates to the root of all existence, source of all being, core of all continuation, the kernel of all life. All life springs forth from a seed. It is only apt that the Word of God is sagely compared to the seed (Mark 4:14). The Word of God is Spirit (John 6:63) and the very source and summit of our life.

What is the Seed Foundation?

The Seed Foundation is my dream. Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream. The Seed Foundation epitomizes my dream, my endeavour, my aspirations and my vision to sow the seed of the Word of God in every heart on earth. The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a tree, share the gift of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises. Confucius sagely observed, “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people”. Today, I choose to plant a seed in your heart and teach what I have received freely from my Lord, “The Word of God”. I do not want to die, until I have faithfully made the most of my gift and cultivated the seed that was placed in me, until the last small twig has grown. I know that I may not reap the harvest, but I pray that I may so well cultivate the land and so conscientiously sow the seed that my Master and Lord may gather at His appointed hour

The Seed Foundation is completely dedicated to the Word of God, ranging from authentic Catholic Bible study to Reflections on various topics, inspired from the scripture Acts 8:31, “Unless, someone guides me”. I am very confident that this site will provide you the necessary S.E.E.D – Self Empowerment Every Day and act as a guide to daily contemplation and meditation. Finally, it is not knowing much, but relishing and realizing things interiorly, that contents and satisfies the heart. Moreover, this piece of work is about my own Catholic growth, my deep passion and belief in the Word of God. It is about the great hope that I hold for the world, for each and every one of you, which will continue to tend towards fruition and beyond. I take up my work in buoyancy and hope. Come then, share my dream, my enlarged horizon, my great hope, my passion, my vision

Kindly keep me in your prayers.

In Christ,


Steven Pais

Minister of the Word – (Archdiocese of Bombay).

Commissioned on February 26, 2006

Mission Statement : Live to Learn, Learn to Teach, Teach to Grow, Grow to bear Fruit.

Go-Live : Pentecost 2012. 27th day in the 5th month of the year 2012